Whether it’s a simple digital single cover or a full digipak print-ready packaging design Lix Creative is a leader in its field, sought after by clients around the globe. World class results ensure that your project does not look like it was thrown together by the nearest ‘Photoshop technician’, but by a dedicated and talented professional artist whose sole motivation was to make you shine brighter than the rest.



In this golden age of online consumerism, digital delivery of creative media is affordable, immediate and allows artists ultimate control of release schedules and and streaming revenue. So understandably, the majority of artists now choose digital artwork only.


But for those who want something tangible for fans, perhaps limited edition and signable to sell at shows, or as part of a Patreon or Kickstarter incentive pack, we’ve got you covered. We can create unique CD packaging artwork to suit your needs in cardboard sleeve, gatefold or digipak format. We design specifically to suit your chosen CD pressing company’s requirements. This  ensures the print process runs as smoothly as possible for the best possible results.