With 20+ years experience in photographic post-processing, digital editing and image manipulation are two of our specialties. If you shoot with us we set up our photographic compositions and lighting with creative editing in mind. But even if you have had photos taken elsewhere and can provide us with high-res files there’s a lot we can still do to help you achieve your ideal result.


To check out just a little of what we can do, slide the vertical bar left and right on the BEFORE/AFTER examples below…

EXAMPLE #1: Prop creation and re-positioning, detail creation and editing, texture and form manipulation (enhancement, smoothing, reshaping), light manipulation, colour grading..

EXAMPLE #2: Composite environment creation, detail clean-up and refinement, texture and form manipulation (enhancement, smoothing, reshaping), light and tone matching, colour grading.

EXAMPLE #3: Post-shoot prop creation and integration – custom dragon claws 3D printed and chrome finished, shot in matched lighting, edited into scene with micro light and colour grading.

EXAMPLE #4Composite environment creation, peripheral object removal, missing detail construction (out-of-frame ponytail recreated), detail and texture refinement, light manipulation, colour grading.

EXAMPLE #5Unwanted subjects removed, missing background scene elements seamlessly recreated, tonal grading.

 To find out what’s possible with your own photos…